*Alluring .05mm Blended Volume Lashes C Curl (3 size in 1 row)

The Luxurious Alluring Blended Volume Lashes will create a gentle, dense and more natural look. These lashes are staggered mix in lengths. One row contains 3 different lengths. 12 rows per tray


The 3 sizes mimic the different stages of growth natural eyelashes are in at any given time - no ones natural lashes are all the same size so applying extensions in the same manner will give a more more natural look.


Designed for use with Volume lash work - when picking up fans, you will grab 2 or 3 sizes in each fan! Ideal for 3D,4D,5D application.

The Alluring Blended Volume Lashes make Volume Lashing so much easier!! Not only are they easier to work with, they also have better retention and are better for the natural lash than the regular volume fans.


C curl

Thickness .05mm

Length: Choose mixed lengths from drop down menu


*Alluring .05mm Blended Volume Lashes C Curl (3 size in 1 row)

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