BL Ultra Super Flat Ellipse Lashes D Curl Ultra Soft Light


As its name gives away, this new generation of extension lash is pressed to the even flatter ellipse shape than a normal Flat Lash, resulting 75% lighter in weight. Plus, its wider surface area for glue leads to 35% longer retention time than normal extension lashes.


The new flat ellipse Lashes give the look of a .20mm with the weight of a .07mm lash. With the ellipse shape these lashes are easy to place on the natural lash and also they are easy to stack lashes on top of them.  


The Flat ellipse shape acts as a "base" to stack lashes on top. These lashes have the matte finish


These lashes are flatter and offer a more voluminous look.  The "flatter" lash also allows for a more simple application.


  • Flat ellipse-shaped bases fills gaps between eyelashes, creating an eyeliner effect and the look of a fuller natural lash line

  • Longer-lasting lashes due to increased surface area for attachment

    D curl - thickness .20mm


    Length: Single size: from 8mm to 15mm 

                     Mixed size (8mm - 13mm in 1 tray) 

BL Ultra Super Flat Ellipse Lashes D Curl Ultra Soft Light

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