Diamond Silk C Curl Silk Trays (new Volume .04, .06mm)

This Diamond silk lash tray comes with over 4,500 lashes. These lashes are imported synthetic fiber lashes which are the most luscious, high gloss looking lashes in the market. This mixed tray comes with lash sizes 6,8, 10-14mm 7 different lengths in 1 tray. These lashes are black, silky, and curled to perfection They are very soft and glossy. This mink lash tray gives you all the lash lengths needed to create any look or style of custom eyelash extensions. Create stunning eyelash extensions just like all the celebrities are wearing with these lashes!

This product is our #1 favorite and a must for the lash artist!



C curl

Classic: .10mm, .15mm, .20mm and .25mm in thickness

Volume: .04, .06mm * 0.07mm

Length - 8-15mm (Choose one from drop down menu)

Diamond Silk C Curl Silk Trays (new Volume .04, .06mm)

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