Eyelash Extension Fine Micro Brushes

The small microfiber tip is ideal for removing single eyelash extensions that were placed incorrectly without disturbing surrounding lashes. It's also for removing multiple lashes or cleansing and coating larger areas.

These flexible tip brushes are perfect for the removal of full sets of extensions or any time you need to remove multiple lashes instead of singles. Because these brushes contain no contain filaments, like those found in Q-tips. Packaged in a convenient tube with a flip bottom opening for easy dispensing. Buy these for yourself or sell to your clients as part of a maintenance package.


The lint-free, brush tip coats lashes without the hindrance of cotton particles that can become lodged around the lash bond. It holds solutions securely without dripping. Flexible tip bends easily for even greater precision.


(pack of 100 microbrushes per tube)


•        Removal of single eyelash extensions

•        Dislodging remnants of mascara or eyeliner from the lash line using Eye Makeup Remover

Eyelash Extension Fine Micro Brushes

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