Eyelash Extension Wink Me (Winkme) Eye Patches x 100

QTY: 100 pairs or Alluring Wink Pads




The Alluring Wink pads are now available for a lower price. The same manufacture which makes winkme pads is now making them for the Alluring eye pads. They are the same quality pads with a a lower price. We were able to get them for lower price for our brand. (Buy with confident or we will offer free return if you're not happy with the Alluring Wink Pads)



The Wink Me collagen (lint free) eye patches are used during the eyelash extension process for client's comfort. Wink Me Eye patches stimulate the skin's collagen to brighten the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment. 


Directions: place under the eye for 1-2 hours during the eyelash extension treatment.


Each Pair Is Individually Wrapped.

Eyelash Extension Wink Me (Winkme) Eye Patches x 100

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