L Curl Blink Signature Mink Eyelash Trays

Our new flirty L curl fits & bonds like J curl with a lovely L, less of a curl, more of an angle with straight base and a long flick gives your lashes fantastic... length, lift & curl!

With this curl, you may need to use a longer curl than normal.

It creates an ideal curl for clients with single eyelid or deep-set eyes.

This L curl has longer bonding part than the other lashes. The extension effect will last longer with a unique appearance.

 This Blink Signature Mink lash tray come with over 2400 lashes. These lashes are imported synthetic fiber lashes which are the most luscious, high gloss looking lashes in the market. These lashes are black, silky, and curled to perfection; just like 100% mink fur lashes. This mink lash tray gives you all the lash lengths needed to create any look or style of custom eyelash extensions.

This product is our #1 favorite and a must for the lash artist!


1Tray of Mink lashes (Blink Signature Mink)


New L curl - size .15-.25


Length: from 9 to 15mm (pick one from drop down box)

L Curl Blink Signature Mink Eyelash Trays

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