*Portable Nano Mister  Cures glue, reduces eye sensitivity

The Portable Mister produces an ultra fine mist that aids in curing adhesives, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities. This will reduce reactions, calm the eyes, refresh the skin below the lash line, and help in transporting hydrogen so the adhesive can cure quickly. Your clients will love how calming it feels and it will greatly minimize eye redness and irritation.


Simply mist the lashes during or as the final step in your lash services, mist will not get your clients face wet. This mister is lightweight, silent, won't drip, and includes padded travel pouch with refill bottle.

Important: Use only distilled or filtered water.


Hold the Mister upright and 8-10 inches from clients eyes. Sweep from eye to eye, misting lashes from all angles for 20-30 seconds. Ultra fine mist soothes as it accelerates curing time. Client may lay down, or sit up, eyes can be open or closed.


Water Capacity: 3.2ml

Batteries: USB Rechargeable

Refill Bottle: Distilled/filtered water only

Travel Case: Padded travel case

*Portable Nano Mister Cures glue, reduces eye sensitivity

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