TonyMoly Intense Care Gold 24K Snail Serum

Fermented Snail Filtrate has been used in skincare for many centuries in many cultures. Snail Filtrate extract help repair elasticity making skin more supple and smooth. Improves skins moisture as well as repairing wrinkles.

High-functional snail ample cream formulated with fermented snail slime filtration and pure gold

  • Contains 65% of fermented snail slime filtration / Quick absorption because of micro-particles
  • Snail Renewal Serum contains highly moisturizing and lifting components that are designed to regain the skin's elasticity and glow
  • Snail Renewal Serum aims to dissolve abnormal tissue and boost the generation of new skin cells. It may also help your body organize the healthy skin repairing of damaged tissue. The Serum is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that can help control aging, leaving your skin feeling truly youthful.


  • How To Use * Evenly apply an appropriate amount all over the face and gently pat to promote absorption into skin.




TonyMoly Intense Care Gold 24K Snail Serum

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