TonyMoly WHITENING 24K Snail Cream Face Cream 45ml


Intense Care Gold WHITENING 24k Snail Cream, Size: 45ml.

High-functional snail ample cream formulated with fermented snail slime filtration and pure gold

  • *Contains 65% of fermented snail slime filtration / Quick absorption because of micro-particles
  • * Enhances skin cell recovery process by added ingredients other than snail slime * such as ginseng callus, EGF
  • * Detoxifies the skin, resulting in brighter skin complexion / Supplies hydration and nutrition together
  • * 6-Free; Paraben, mineral oil, talc, tar, synthetic color, and, benzophenone-5    

Wrinkle care & Whitening

Moisture, elasticity, nutrition

Rapid absorption


How To Use : Evenly apply an appropriate amount all over the face and gently pat to promote absorption into skin.


TonyMoly WHITENING 24K Snail Cream Face Cream 45ml

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