**Volume .07mm Loose W lashes C Curl Eyelash Extensions

W Lash has 3 super-thin and ultra-light .07mm thickness single eyelashes placed very close to each other on the sticker strip in a shape of the letter W.

Applying 1 Alluring volume W lashes gives the effect of 3, which of course also means better effect in time!
The Alluring Volume W Lashes can be easily used for customers who want 3D volume eyelash extensions. Now you can make it without any extra effort. No need to spend time on making “fans” – we have already done them for you!
There is no special Volume eyelash training needed. Our W Lashes are suitable for everybody

There are approximately 250 W lashes in each container.



1 Container of  W lash fans

Curl - C

Thickness: .07mm

Length: (Pick one from drop down menu)

**Volume .07mm Loose W lashes C Curl Eyelash Extensions

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